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Placement Chairs:  Navin Kartik   Ph: 212-854-3926,  Douglas Almond  Ph: 212-854-7248  

Committee Members:  Pierre-Andre Chiappori  Ph: 212-854-6369,  Andrea Prat  Ph: 212-854-3401                        

Placement Assistant:  Amy Devine  Ph: 212-854-6881

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2015-2016 Candidates                                                                                 

CandidateField(s)Job Market PaperSponsor(s)
Elliott AshPolitical Economy, Law and Economics, Applied Microeconomics

The political economy of tax laws in the U.S. states

W. Bentley MacLeod

Matthieu Bellon

International TradeFirm Reallocations and the Dynamics of the Wage Distribution Following Trade Liberalizations Donald Davis
Sergey KolbinMacroeconomicsPrecision of Communication in Coordination Games of Regime Change

Michael Woodford

Shaowen LuoMacroeconomicsPropagation of Financial Shocks in an Input-Output Economy with Trade and Financial Linkages of Firms

Ricardo Reis

Richard Clarida

Patricia Navarro-PalauDevelopment, Applied MicroeconomicsEffects of Differentiated School Vouchers: Evidence Using Policy Changes and Date of Birth Cutoff

Miguel Urquiola

Cristian Pop-Eleches

Paul PiveteauInternational Trade, Industrial OrganizationAn Empirical Dynamic Model of Trade with Consumer AccumulationDavid Weinstein
Evan PlousDevelopment, Environmental, Public FinanceThe Buck Stops Where? Federalism and Investment in Public Utilities: Evidence from the Brazilian Water and Sanitation SectorMiguel Urquiola
Samer ShoushaMacroeconomics and International FinanceMacroeconomic Effects of Commodity Booms and Busts: The Role of Financial FrictionsMartin Uribe
Ilton SoaresIndustrial Organization, Energy Economics, EconometricsMergers under Exclusive Dealing: An Empirical Analysis of the Fuel Industry

Michael Riordan

Katherine Ho

Savitar SundaresanMacroeconomics, FinanceEmergency Preparedness: Rare Events and the Insidious Persistence of Uncertainty

Ricardo Reis

Daniel VillarMacroeconomicsThe Skewness of the Price Change Distribution: A New Touchstone for Sticky Price Models

Emi Nakamura

Jon Steinsson

Xing XiaLabor Economics, Public Economics, Industry OrganizationWhat Explains the Rise of For-profit Universities? Evidence from Dental Assistant ProgramsW. Bentley MacLeod


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