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Placement Chair:  Michael Riordan   Ph: 212-854-6984                           

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Placement Assistant:  Amy Devine  Ph: 212-854-6881

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2014-2015 Candidates                                                                                 

CandidateField(s)Job Market PaperSponsor(s)
Seungjun BaekMacroeconomics and Financial EconomicsSecuritization, Stability, and Optimal RegulationRicardo Reis

Christopher Boone

Development EconomicsModernization, Rural Migration, and Market Withdrawal: Evidence from the Great DepressionSuresh Naidu
Keshav DograMacroeconomicsLiquidity Traps, Debt Relief, and Macroprudential Policy: A Mechanism Design ApproachRicardo Reis
Ferran Elias MorenoPublic and Labor EconomicsLabor Demand Elasticities Over the Life Cycle: Evidence from Spain's Payroll Tax Reforms

Wojciech Kopczuk

W. Bentley MacLeod

Matthew FlaggeInternational TradeFirm-Product Linkages and the Evolution of Product ScopeEric Verhoogen
Colin HottmanInternational Trade, Urban Economics and Industrial OrganizationRetail Markups, Misallocation, and Store Variety in the USDavid Weinstein
Kyle JuradoMacroeconomicsAdvance Information and Distorted Beliefs in Macroeconomic and Financial FluctuationsRicardo Reis
Katherine MeckelPublic Economics and Health EconomicsIs the Cure Worse than the Disease? Unintended Consequences of Fraud Reduction in Transfer ProgramsWojciech Kopczuk
Carlos Montes-GaldonMacroeconomicsEstimating Volatility ShocksMartin Uribe
Michael Mueller-SmithLabor Economics and Applied MicroeconomicsThe Criminal and Labor Market Impacts of Incarceration

Cristian Pop-Eleches

Miguel Urquiola

Pablo OttonelloMacroeconomics and International EconomicsCapital Unemployment, Financial Shocks, and Investment SlumpsMartin Uribe
Nikhil PatelInternational Macroeconomics and MacroeconomicsCredit Constraints, Trade Finance, and the Cost Channel of Monetary Policy in Open Economics

Shang-Jin Wei

Stephanie Schmitt-Grohe

Keeyoung RheeFinancial Economics and Microeconomic TheoryBailouts in the Presence of Uncertainty and Moral HazardYeon-Koo Che
Soule SowDevelopment Economics and International TradeAre Cities Preferred to Villages? Estimating Location Preference in a Developing CountrySuresh Naidu
Harold StolperPublic Economics, Labor Economics, Economics of EducationHome Equity Credit and College Access: Evidence from Texas Home Lending Laws

Miguel Urquiola

Patrick SunIndustrial Organization and Telecommunication EconomicsQuality Competition in Mobile Telecommunications Infastructure: Evidence from ConnecticutMichael Riordan
Jessica Van ParysHealth Economics and Applied MicroeconomicsHow Do Managed Care Plans Reduce Healthcare Costs?Douglas Almond
Zigan WangFinanceThe Role of the Director Social Networks in Spreading Misconduct: The Case of Reverse MergersPatrick Bolton


2014-2015 Job Market Students in Sustainable Development