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Job Market Committee                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Placement Chairs:  Martin Uribe  Ph: 212-851-4008,  Pierre-Andre Chiappori  Ph: 212-854-6369  Navin Kartik  Ph: 212-854-3926

Committee Member:   Jennifer La'O Ph: 212.854.0474                       

Placement Assistant:  Amy Devine  Ph: 212-854-6881

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2017-2018 Candidates                                                                                 

CandidateField(s)Job Market PaperSponsor(s)
So Yoon AhnApplied Microeconomics, Family Economics, Labor Economics

"Matching Across Markets: Theory and Evidence on Cross-Border Marriage"

Pierre-Andre Chiappori

Bernard Salanie

Sakai Ando

Macroeconomics, Finance"Size-Dependent Policies and Efficient Firm Creation"

Jose Scheinkman

Jennifer La'O

Ashna AroraLabor Economics, Development Economics"Juvenile Crime and Anticipated Punishment"

Suresh Naidu

Bernard Salanie

Cynthia Mei Balloch

Macroeconomics, Finance, International Macroeconomics

"Inflows and Spillovers: Tracing the Impact of Bond Market Liberalization"

Jon Steinsson

Ricardo Reis

Tuo ChenMacroeconomics, Inequality"TFP Declines: Misallocation or Mismeasurement?"

Martin Uribe

Bikramaditya Datta

Microeconomic Theory, Corporate Finance

"Delegation and Learning"

Patrick Bolton

Marina Halac

Golvine de RochambeauDevelopment, Organizational Economics, Trade

"Monitoring and Intrinsic Motivation: Evidence from LIberia's Trucking Firms"


Eric Verhoogen
Sandesh DhunganaMacroeconomics, Household Finance, Housing

"Regional Heterogeneity in Fiscal Stimulus Effectiveness: The Economic Stimulus Payments of 2008"


Jon Steinsson
Jean-Jacques ForneronEconometrics"A Sieve-SMM Estimator for Dynamic Models"

Serena Ng

Tong GengLabor Economics, Economics of Education"The Complimentary of Incentive Policies in Education: Evidence from New York City"

Miguel Urquiola

W. Bentley MacLeod

Chengcheng JiaMacroeconomics, Monetary Economics"The Informational Effect of Monetary Policy and the Case for Policy Commitment"

Michael Woodford

Yang JiaoInternational Finance, Macroeconomics, International Trade"Financial Crises, Bailout and Optimal Monetary Policy in Open Economies"

Stephanie Schmitt-Grohe

Shang-Jin Wei

Meeroo KimApplied Microeconomics, Information Economics, Applied Contract Theory, Applied Econometrics

"Multidimensional Heterogeneity and the Nature of Advantageous Selection in the Consumer Credit Market"


Bernard Salanie
Ryan KimMacroeconomics, Corporate Finance, International Economics"The Effect of Credit Crunch on Output Price Dynamics: The Corporate Inventory and Liquidity Management Channel"

Jon Steinsson

David Weinstein

Andrew KosenkoMicroeconomic Theory


"Bayesian Persuasion with Private Information"


Navin Kartik
Nandita KrishnaswamyDevelopment, Labor

"At What Price? Price Supports, Agricultural Productivity and Misallocation"


Eric Verhoogen
Seunghoon NaMacroeconomics, International Macroeconomics"A Theory of the Tosovsky Dilemma"

Stephanie Schmitt-Grohe

Nate NelighMicroeconomic Theory, Behavioral, Experimental"Vying for Dominance in Dynamic Network Formation"

Mark Dean

Alessandra Casella

Anh NguyenIndustrial Organization, Health Economics

"Household Bundling to Reduce Adverse Selection: Application to Social Health Insurance"


Katherine Ho
Daniel RappoportMicroeconomic Theory"Evidence and Skepticism in Verifiable Disclosure Games"

Navin Kartik

Andrea Prat

Danna Kang ThomasPublic Economics, Industrial Organization


"License Quotas and the Inefficient Regulation of Sin Goods: Evidence from the Washington Recreational Marijuana Market" 


Katherine Ho
Lin TianInternational Trade, Economic Geography, Public Economics"Division of Labor and Extent of the Market: Theory and Evidence from Brazil"

Donald Davis

Jonathan Vogel

Xingye WuMicroeconomic Theory

"Core of Convex Matching Games: A Scarf's Lemma Approach"


Yeon-Koo Che
Jing ZhouMacroeconomics, International Finance"Financial Crises, Debt Maturity, and Capital Controls" 

Martin Uribe

Shang-Jin Wei


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