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Job Market Committee                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Placement Chairs:  Martin Uribe  Ph: 212-851-4008,  Pierre-Andre Chiappori  Ph: 212-854-6369  Navin Kartik  Ph: 212-854-3926

Committee Member:   Jennifer La'O Ph: 212.854.0474                       

Placement Assistant:  Amy Devine  Ph: 212-854-6881

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2016-2017 Candidates                                                                                 

CandidateField(s)Job Market PaperSponsor(s)
Zachary BrownIndustrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics

An Empirical Model of Price Transparency and Markups in Health Care

Katherine Ho

Nicolás de Roux

Development EconomicsCredit Scoring Meets Agricultural Lending: Exogenous Shocks, Recovery, and Access to Formal CreditEric Verhoogen
Kunjal DesaiDevelopment Economics, Political EconomyAffirmative Action, Caste and the Marriage Market

Suresh Naidu

Ambuj DewanBehavioral & Experimental, MicroeconomicsEstimating Information Cost Functions in Models of Rational Inattention

Navin Kartik

Mark Dean

Stéphane DuprazMacroeconomicsA Kinked-Demand Theory of Price Rigidity

Michael Woodford    

Ricardo Reis

Christopher HansmanPublic EconomicsAsymmetric Information and the Link Between Leverage and Mortgage Default

Bernard Salanie

Pierre-Andre Chiappori

Zheli HeInternational Trade, Development EconomicsTrade and Real Incomes of the Rich and Poor: Cross-Country EvidenceDavid Weinstein
Goran LazarevskiInternational Trade, Political EconomyLobbying for International Protection of Intellectual Property RightsSuresh Naidu
Ajin LeeHealth Economics, Public EconomicsHow Do Hospitals Respond to Managed Care? Evidence from At-Risk Newborns

Doug Almond

Lina LuEconometrics, Applied MacroeconomicsSimultaneous Spatial Panel Data Models with Common Shocks

Jushan Bai

Ildikó MagyariInternational Economics, Industrial Organization Firm Reorganization, Chinese Imports, and US Manufacturing Employment

David Weinstein

Evan RiehlLabor Economics, Economics of Education, Development EconomicsAssortative Matching and Complementarity in College Markets

W. Bentley MacLeod

 Miguel Urquiola

Yogita ShamdasaniDevelopment Economics, Labor EconomicsRural Road Infrastructure & Agricultural Production: Evidence from IndiaEric Verhoogen
Meiping (Aggie) SunUrban Economics, Industrial OrganizationMoney for MetroCards: How a New Card Fee Made New York Transit Riders Invest More and Lose MoreBrendan O'Flaherty
Maria Micaela SviatschiDevelopment economics, labor economicsMaking a Narco: Childhood Exposure to Illegal Labor Markets and Criminal Life PathsMiguel Urquiola
Teck Yong TanContracts and Organization, MicroeconomicsFirm Culture and Innovation: The Extrinsic Motivation of Freedom at Work

Navin Kartik

W. Bentley MacLeod

Kerem TuzcuogluEconometrics, MacroeconomicsComposite Likelihood Estimation of AR-Probit Model: Application to Credit RatingsSerena Ng
Enrico ZanardoMicroeconomic TheoryHow to Measure Disagreement?Navin Kartik

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