Career Opportunities


Studying economics provides a strong foundation to pursue a range of careers. Your coursework will train you to think analytically and critically when confronted with complex problems, develop your statistical skills to evaluate empirical evidence, and make you an effective writer and speaker. Our graduates have pursued careers in financial services, management consulting, litigation support, healthcare, data analytics, risk management, education, public policy and many more industries.
If you are curious about the range of career options then you might be interested in viewing “A career in economics – it’s much more than you think” produced by the American Economic Association (AEA).
Below, are some links that may help in your search for a career.


Your primary resource for guidance and assistance with your career search should be the Center for Career Education. They will help you find a career that matches your skills and interests, teach you to write a professional resume and cover letter, and to identify prospective employers. They regularly hold events such as job fairs, and recruiting sessions, as well as one-on-one advising.
Under the Career Exploration tab on the CCE website, you will find information specific to economics majors and specific to various industries.
  •  What you can do with a degree in economics provides a summary of information from the most recent graduating student survey.
  •  More detail on economics students from the graduating student survey can be found here .
  •  Industries provides brief profiles and links to resources for pursuing a career in a number of popular industries such as consulting, environment and sustainability, financial services, government, and healthcare. For example, under Consulting, you will find basic information about a career in consulting, a profile of a successful candidate for these positions, specific resources to prepare for the case interview and general resources available at Columbia and elsewhere to search for a job in this industry.

Columbia Econ Society

Columbia Economics Society (CES) connects students to career opportunities by hosting educational and professional events throughout the year. Professional events include networking and recruiting for careers in finance and consulting and provide students a forum to meet with potential employers in a campus setting. A student-run organization, CES is one of the best resources after CCE for finding a
career, job, or internship. You can contact CES through their website or join the mailing list to discover upcoming events and learning opportunities.

Online Resources

Although CCE has a wealth of resources, there are many firms and industries that do not regularly recruit at Columbia. As a consequence, they may be underrepresented in the CCE data bases. Below are suggestions for exploring some of these career options. If you are primarily interested in a research position, then you should also consult the Research Opportunities page.


The American Economic Association includes information for economics majors.
  •  Resources for students provides links for undergraduates to information regarding grad school preparation, undergraduate research opportunities, lists of US graduate programs and career information.
  •  Careers has links to information on career earnings of economists and specific industries.


Resources for Economists is a website maintained by the AEA. Here, there are multiple links to lists of organizations that frequently hire economics majors. Many but not all of these positions will be as research assistants or analysts.  The primary links of interest would be:

  •  Forecasting and Consulting –you can find both US and International based organizations in this list. Some of the firms linked to on this page are:
              o Conference Board
              o Moody’s Analytics
              o Macroeconomic Advisors
              o Charles River Associates
              o NERA
              o Cornerstone
  •  Jobs, Grants, Grad School and Advice – most of these job listings are for post-doctoral positions. However, some of the websites listed under Job Openings also post positions for BAs.
  •  Organizations and Associations – both academic and non-academic research organizations are listed here. Most are in the US but there are international listings as well. Non-academic research organizations include:
               o American Enterprise Institute
               o Brookings Institute
               o Mathematica
               o Rand
               o Urban institute
If you cannot easily find the job postings on the website for an organization, look under the “About” tab. Many companies put their employment opportunities and information under that tab on their website.


The EDIRC maintains a database of over 13000 economics departments, institutes and research centers worldwide. You can search by country or by areas, field and function. The latter allows you to search within functional or field subcategories:
  •  Think Tanks
  •  International Organizations
  •  Government Ministries
  •  Regulatory Agencies
Fields (a sample)
  •  Economic Development
  •  Financial economics, Risk and Insurance
  •  Industrial Economics, Regulation
  •  Public Policy
  •  Regional and Urban Economics, Real Estate
Within each of these sublists, the organizations are sorted by country and in the case of the US by state. If your dream job is working at a think tank in Montana or on policy issues in Belgium, you should probably consult this website.

Econ Info for Students

On occasion the department receives job advertisements directed at our students. When we do so, we post them on the department wiki page. To access the page, you will need to log in with your UNI and password.