Students graduating with a Master of Arts degree in economics from Columbia University will be able to consider a wide variety of opportunities for the next step in their career.  

  • For students interested in further academic study, a Columbia M.A. degree in economics will provide excellent preparation and a firm foundation for study at the PhD level.  

  • Students interested in seeking employment in the private sector will find opportunities at consulting firms, and at companies in industries such as the financial services sector and the high-tech sector.  

  • Students interested in pursuing careers in research will find rewarding opportunities at institutions such as think tanks and international research organizations.

Students enrolled in the M.A. program will have access to a wide variety of resources for career counseling and job search

  • Career counseling and support from the: 

    • Coordinator for the M.A. program 

    • Director of the M.A. program

    • Core faculty teaching in the M.A. program

  • Access to the resources of the Columbia University Center for Career Education