Program Requirements


The Master of Arts degree in Economics requires successful completion of seven core classes and three elective classes.  In addition, each student will be required to write a research paper in one of her/his three elective classes.  The research paper will have to demonstrate mastery of the field, along with the ability to think originally and to convey results clearly in writing. 

In order to maintain good standing in the program, students must be making steady progress towards completing the degree.  Additionally, as per the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences guidelines, students must maintain a 3.0 grade point average in all courses that they are registered for. For a complete description of the requirements for good academic standing see:

Students who do not maintain the required 3.0 GPA, beginning in the first semester in the program, must meet with the Program Director. At the meeting, the Program Director will explain to the student what requirements must be fulfilled in the next semester in order to regain good standing. Students who do not satisfy the requirements in the next semester may not be allowed to continue in the program.  Students who find themselves in academic difficulty should contact the Program Director as soon as possible.

Students are expected to fulfill all the requirements for the degree over the course of three semesters.  Course requirements for the M.A. degree will be satisfied by taking four required classes in the fall, three required classes and one elective in the spring, and two electives in the fall of a second year.

For a description of courses, see our class listings


  • GR5211 Microeconomic Analysis I
  • GR5212 Microeconomic Analysis II
  • GR5215 Macroeconomic Analysis I
  • GR5216 Macroeconomic Analysis II
  • GR5410 Mathematical Methods for Economists
  • GR5411 Econometrics I
  • GR5412 Econometrics II


Students are required to take three out of these six elective courses:

  • GR5218 Advanced Microeconomics
  • GR5220 Advanced Macroeconomics
  • GR5311 Economic Policy Analysis
  • GR5415 Advanced Econometrics
  • GR5711 Financial Economics
  • GR5911 International Economics


Classes in the M.A. program ARe offered as follows:

Fall Semester:

  • Mathematical Methods for Economists
  • Microeconomic Analysis I
  • Macroeconomic Analysis I
  • Econometrics I

Spring Semester:

  • Elective
  • Microeconomic Analysis II
  • Macroeconomic Analysis II
  • Econometrics II

Second Fall Semester:

  • Elective
  • Elective