Visiting Fellows Program

Scholars wishing to visit Columbia's Department of Economics may apply to become a Program for Economic Research (PER) Visiting Fellow.

A limited number of PER Visiting Fellowships for select outstanding applicants are made available each year.  This fee-based program is designed with advanced professionals and academics in mind, the Fellowship will provide a means for qualified individuals to gain access to Columbia facilities, and will place them at the center of the Economics Department on campus.  

Fellows will normally already hold a doctoral degree in economics and will have the opportunity to participate fully in the academic activities of the Department and the University.



PER Visiting Fellows will normally fall into one of the following categories:

  • scholars from universities and colleges outside the New York metropolitan area who are not teaching or participating in sponsored research at Columbia
  • scholars who work or reside in the greater New York area on leave from their home institutions
  • members of research institutions
  • officials and former officials of governmental or nongovernmental organizations
  • practicing professionals

The Fellowship

PER Visiting Fellows are all granted full access to Columbia’s system of libraries and the range of support services given to all Columbia affiliates.   They may further request the provision of a workspace and office facilities within the Economics Department at Columbia’s Morningside campus, pending availability. Visiting Fellows are invited to participate in all regular weekly workshops and colloquia as well as attend public programs and events.

The Fellows program is designed typically for a semester or an entire academic year.  However, intervals of shorter duration may be considered.  PER Visiting Fellows will be expected to comply with all guidelines and regulations specific to visitors at Columbia University.

How to Apply

Interested applicants should send email inquiries to  Staff will respond to enquiries with the application form, fee schedule, and description of services. 

Upon receipt of a complete application, it is reviewed by a panel of faculty and a response is normally provided to the applicant within four weeks.