Undergraduate Prizes Class of 2014

The Department of Economics is happy to announce the winners of the Parker, GS Dean's and Romine Prizes for the Class of 2014:


Sanford S. Parker Prize

Joonwoo Park

The Parker prize is awarded to a graduating CC student who majored, joint majored or concentrated in economics and is planning on attending graduate school in economics.


GS Dean's Prize in Economics

Alexander Weiss

The GS Dean’s Prize in Economics is awarded for excellence in the study of economics by a student in the School of General Studies.


David Estabrook Romine Prizes

Evan Munro, for his senior thesis entitled “Comovements of the US and Canadian Financial Markets" (advisor: Serena Ng)

Dylan Glendinning, for his paper "Is Rivalry All About the Fans? The Impact of Rivalry on Player Performance in Major League Baseball” (submitted in Sunil Gulati’s Sports Economics seminar)

The two Romine Prizes are awarded annually to two members of the graduating class (CC or GS) who majored or joint majored in economics.


Parker Summer Research Prizes

Meir Brooks
Laura Fritsch
Noah Morgenstein
Nicholas Sambor
Miryung Yang

The Department of Economics provides financial support for undergraduates who take unpaid summer internships that focus on research. By introducing students to original research, a summer internship can provide the foundation for an honors thesis or develop an interest in pursuing a graduate degree.