Petra Persson to speak at Review of Economic Studies May Meetings


Columbia University graduate student Petra Persson has been selected to be one of seven speakers at the Review of Economic Studies May Meetings 2013. Each year, the Review selects seven of the most promising graduating doctoral students in economics and finance in the world to present their research to audiences in Europe.

Persson’s research lies in the fields of public and development economics, with a focus on gender relations. At the May Meetings, she will present her Job Market Paper, in which she analyzes how economic incentives influence decisions concerning matching, cohabitation, and marriage in Sweden. In ongoing work, she examines topics ranging from how regulation of sex markets can mitigate human sex trafficking, to how gender-targeted cash transfers affect intra-household violence and bargaining in rural Kenyan households.

Persson is a Swedish citizen who received her B.A. in Political Science and Mathematics at Stockholm University, her M.Sc. in Economics at the Stockholm School of Economics, and her M.A. and M.Phil in Economics at Columbia University. She defended her Ph.D. thesis at Columbia University on March, 13, 2013, and will join Stanford University as an Assistant Professor of Economics.