Past Projects

National Science Foundation, SES-0847329
Principal Investigator: Douglas Almond
Collaborative Research: Identification, Estimation and Inference of DSGE Models
National Science Foundation, SES-0962431
Principal Investigator: Serena Ng\
Evaluation of Project Malawi
Africa Future Foundation
Principal Investigator: Cristian Pop-Eleches
New-Style Central Banking
Institute for New Economic Thinking
Principal Investigator: Ricardo Reis
National Science Foundation
Pricipal Investigator: Ricardo Reis

An Investigation into the Achilles' Heel of Currency Pegs
National Science Foundation, SES-1061711
Principal Investigator: Stephanie Schmitt-Grohe

Robustness of Policy Analysis to Departures from Model-Consistent Expectations
Institute for New Economic Thinking, 2011-2013
Principal Investigator: Michael Woodford

National Science Foundation, SES-1426168
Principle Investigator: Michael Woodford

Collaborative Research: Motherhood and Medicine: An Historical Perspective on Health, Fertility and Women's Work and Earnings
National Science Foundation, SES-0820127, 2008-2010
Principal Investigator: Stefania Albanesi

Optimal Taxation of Entrepreneurial Capital and Financial Assets with Private Information
National Science Foundation, SES-061774, 2006-2010
Principal Investigator: Stefania Albanesi

National Science Foudation, SES-1227608, 2012-2013
Principal Investigator: Douglas Almond, Co-Principal Investigator: Jessica Van Parys
National Science Foundation, SES-0721053, 2007-2012
Principal Investigator: Yeon-Koo Che

Applications of Transportation Problems and Strongly Nonlinear Systems of PDE in Economics
National Science Foundation, SES-0532398, 2005-2010
Principal Investigator: Pierre Chiappori

Optimal Statistical Decisions with Catastrophic Risks
Air Force Office of Scientific Research, FA-9550-09-1-0467, 2010-2011
Principal Investigator: Graciela Chichilnisky

Differential Impacts of Environmental Policy on Infants in Poor and Minority Neighborhoods
John D. and Catherine MacArthur Foundation, 2009-2011
Principal Investigator: Janet Currie

The Adjustment Costs of Clean Air Administrative Data
Environmental Protection Agency EPA PI83425, 
Principal Investigator: Janet Currie

National Science Foundation, SES-0962545, 2010-2011
Principal Investigator: Donald Davis, Co-Principal Inestigator: William Hanlon
Principal Investigator: Navin Kartik, 2010-2012

Topics in Strategic Communication
National Science Foundation, SES-0965577, 2007-2009
Principal Investigator: Navin Kartik

Improved Semi-Nonparametric Estimation and Testing by Modified Likelihood
National Science Foundation, SES-0961596, 2010-2013
Principal Investigator: Dennis Kristensen

National Science Foundation, SES-0617829, 2006-2010
Principal Investigator: William Bentley MacLeod, Co-Principal Investigator: Janet Currie

Doctoral Dissertation Research in Economics: Bandits or states? Evidence on the origins of states from armed groups in eastern Congo
National Science Foundation, SES-1261025, 2013-2014
Principal Investigator: Suresh Naidu,  Co-Principal Investigator: Raul Sanchez de la Sierra

A Spatial Approach to Macroeconomic Inference
Institute for New Economic Thinking
Principal Investigator: Suresh Naidu

National Science Foundation, SES-0901100, 2008-2010
Principle Investigator: Serena Ng
National Science Foundation, NSF-1260892, 2013-2014
Principal Inestigator: Christian Pop-Eleches, Co-Principal Inestigator: Michael Mueller-Smith

Dynamic Measures of Inflation
National Science Foundation, SES-0921147, 2009-2011
Principal Investigator: Ricardo Reis

Price Adjustment, Exchange Rate Policy and Monetary Models
National Science Foundation, SES-0922011, 2009-2013
Principal Investigator: Emi Nakamura, Co-Principal Investigator: Jon Steinsson

Educational System- Theory and Empirics from Africa
International Growth Centre 
Principal Investigator: Miguel Urquiola

Exports and Wage Premia
National Science Foundation, SES-0721068, 2007-2011
Principal Investigator: Eric Verhoogen

Principal Investigator: Jonathan Vogel, 2012

Globalization, Technology, and The Skill Premium
National Bureau of Economic Research, 2010-2012
Principal Investigator: Jonathan Vogel

Is There a Cleansing Effect of Recessions
Russell Sage Foundation, 2011-2013
Principal Investigator: Till von Wachter

The Short and Long-Term Effects of Job and Earnings Losses on Health Outcomes
National Bureau of Economic Research, 
Principal Investigator: Till von Wachter

Collaborative Research: Geography, Trade, and Prices
National Science Foundation, SES-0820462, 2008-2011
Principal Investigator: David Weinstein

The Impact of New Varieties on Domestic and International Prices
National Science Foundation, SES-0452460, 2005-2012
Principal Investigator: David E. Weinstein
In Search of the Financial Accelerator
Institute for New Economic Thinking, INO11-00040, 2010
Principal Investigator: David Weinstein

Rational Inattention, Random Choice, and Dynamics of Price Adjustment
National Science Foundation, SES-0820438, 2008-2013
Principal Investigator: Michael Woodford