Requirements for Admission


We welcome applications from all students who would like to pursue a Master of Arts degree in Economics at Columbia University.  Admission to the M.A. program is limited to highly-qualified applicants and study must be undertaken on a full-time basis.

An undergraduate degree in economics is not required for admission to the M.A. program, but a strong background in undergraduate economics is highly recommended (principles of economics, intermediate microeconomics, and intermediate macroeconomics).  Substantial training in college-level calculus and statistics is also recommended (multivariate calculus, linear algebra, and statistics).  Our M.A. program emphasizes a technical and rigorous approach to the study of economic theory.  As such, applicants will be evaluated on the quality and breadth of their undergraduate preparation for the study of economics at the graduate level.

A complete list of application requirements is available at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences website.  See

In addition, a Skype interview is required of applicants before a final offer of admission.

Note:  All applications are processed by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Columbia University.  See

Please do not send any application materials directly to the Department of Economics.