Legal Innovation: Law, Economics and Governance Conference

April 4, 2014: Columbia University

1501 International Affairs


Sponsored by the Program on Law, Economics and Governance Columbia University

And organized by

W. Bentley MacLeod, Sami Mnaymneh Professor of Economics and Professor of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University


Suresh Naidu, Assistant Professor of International and Public Affairs and Economics, Columbia University


Robert E. Scott, Alfred McCormack Professor of Law, Director, Center for Contract and Economic Organization, Columbia Law School


Jan Svejnar, James T. Shotwell Professor of Global Political Economy, Director, Center on Global Economic Governance, Columbia University


The purpose of conference is to explore how legal rules that affect both economic and political institutions promote economic performance and reduce violence.

8:30 a.m.              Refreshments

8:45 a.m.              Welcome and opening remarks

9:00 a.m.              Session 1

  • Discussant 1: Alan Schwartz, Yale Law School
  • Discussant 2: Suresh Naidu, Columbia University
  • Moderator: Jan Svejnar, Columbia University


10:00 a.m.           Session 2

  • Paper:  State Capacity and Economic Development:  A Network ApproachDaron Acemoglu, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Camilo Garcia-Jimeno, University of Pennsylvania; and James Robinson, Harvard University.
    • Discussant 1: Paul B. Stephan, University of Virginia School of Law
    • Discussant 2: Emily L. Breza, Columbia Business School
    • Moderator: Charles Cameron, Princeton University


11:00 a.m.           Coffee break

11:30 a.m.           Session 3

  • Discussant 1: Katharina Pistor, Columbia Law School
  • Discussant 2: Patrick Bolton, Columbia University
  • Moderator: Anthony Niblett, University of Toronto


12:30 p.m.           Lunch


2:00 p.m.              Session 4

  • Discussant 1: Robert Gibbons, MIT Sloan School of Management
  • Discussant 2: Curtis Milhaupt, Columbia Law School
  • Moderator: Paul Lagunes, Columbia University


3:00 p.m.              Coffee break

3:30 p.m.              Session 5

  • Discussant 1: Jean E. Ensminger, California Institute of Technology
  • Discussant 2: Christopher Blattman, Columbia University
  • Moderator: Leonard Wantchekon, Princeton University


4:30 p.m.              Session 6

  • Paper: Shock-Based Causal Inference in Corporate Finance ResearchVladimir Atanasov, College of William and Mary; Bernard Black, Northwestern University
    • Discussant 1: Merritt Fox, Columbia University
    • Discussant 2: Marina Niessner, Yale School of Management
    • Moderator: Lewis A. Kornhauser, New York University School of Law


5:30 p.m.              Closing Remarks 


The Program on Law, Economics and Governance is a collaboration between Columbia University’s:

·       Program for Economic Research (Department of Economics), led by Ricardo Reis, Professor of Economics;

·       Center on Global Economic Governance (School of International and Public Affairs), led by Jan Svejnar, James T. Shotwell Professor of Global Political Economy;

·       Center for Contract and Economic Organization (Columbia Law School), led by Robert E. Scott, Alfred McCormack Professor of Law, and Patrick Bolton, David and Barbara Zalaznick Professor of Business.