Jose Scheinkman Wins 2014 CME Group-MSRI Prize

The Department of Economics is proud to announce that José A. Scheinkman, the Edwin W. Rickert Professor of Economics, is the 2014 Recipient of the CME Group-MSRI Prize in Innovative Quantitative ApplicationsHis research has focused in building mathematical models that shed light on a variety of economic and social phenomena such as economic fluctuations, the nature of oligopolistic competition, the growth of cities, informal economic activity, the spatial distribution of crime, the dynamics of asset prices and asset-price bubbles. Professor Scheinkman has received the CME Group-MSRI prize for his  innovative ideas and progressive research in Economics. The prize recognizes an individual or group who has contributed and applied significant ideas and concepts to quantitative fields.

For further information about the prize and past recipients, please visit the CME Group website