Iceland's Road to Recovery - Key Lessons

September 21, 2016 - 6:00pm - 7:30pm
1501 International Affairs Building
420 West 118th Street
New York, NY 10027
United States
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In her talk Iceland's Foreign Minister Lilja Alfredsdottir will focus on the decisive steps that the Government of Iceland has taken in tackling the substantial challenges caused by the unprecedented economic collapse of the Icelandic economy in 2008. As one of the first casualties in the storm that engulfed the international economy in 2008, Iceland’s road to recovery from the financial crisis has been a considerable success story marked by a combination of extraordinary measures, sound long-term economic policies and successful cooperation with the IMF. The Government of Iceland is currently implementing the final stages of its plan to restore and grow the country’s economy, resulting in increased stability, job creation, inward foreign investment and steady, manageable growth rates. Key to this is the implementation of an appropriate and effective process to gradually lift capital controls, prioritizing fair and transparent treatment of all those effected and to encourage long-term investment in Iceland and economic stability. In the talk Foreign Minister Alfredsdottir will argue that Iceland's rapid recovery provides some key lessons for the international economy.

Speaker Information:

Lilja Alfredsdottir is Iceland's Minister for Foreign Affairs and External Trade. Before her appointment as Minister for Foreign Affairs in April 2016, Ms Alfredsdottir served as Deputy Director of the Central Bank of Iceland’s General Secretariat and International Affairs Department. Since her graduation from Columbia University, Alfredsdottir has been a central banker, apart from temporary secondments to Iceland’s Prime Minister’s Office as a Special Liaison and previously, to the International Monetary Fund’s Nordic-Baltic Executive Office as an Advisor.  Ms. Alfredsdottir holds a Master's degree in International Economic Policy from Columbia University and received a Fulbright grant during her studies. She holds an undergraduate degree in Political Science from the University of Iceland. At the Central Bank and in previous positions, Lilja has focused her career on international economic affairs and domestic policy making.

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Lilja Alfredsdottir is Iceland's Minister for Foreign Affairs and External Trade.