Graduate Course Information

Course Information

Information about the program's specific requirements can be found in the GSAS bulletin, which is published every two years.

Click here for a listing of graduate courses offered this year or here to go the the Registrar's website..

Note on First-Year PhD Courses

First-year graduate economics classes are intended primarily for Economics PhD candidates and Business School Economics and Finance students. When space is available, students from other departments may be admitted with permission from the Director of Graduate Studies of the Economics Department.

Mathematics Preparation for the Columbia University PhD Economics Courses:

In order to take graduate economics at Columbia students are expected to have completed undergraduate linear algebra, probability and statistics, calculus and real analysis, such as Math GU4061-GU4062 that is offered in Columbia College.

Students who wish to take economics courses must take an exam that is administered in the second class of Mathematical Methods for Economics. Students who fail this exam will not be able to enroll in any courses offered in the graduate program in economics.

Note on graduate courses at the Master's level

The department offers a stand-alone Master's program.  For information, follow this link.