Evaluation of Project Malawi

Africa Future Foundation
Principal Investigator: Cristian Pop-Eleches

Project Malawi was founded in 2010 by a group of young people who envisioned a future of Malawi free from disease and, ultimately, from poverty. Through an intimate collaboration with Daeyang Luke Hospital, a pre-established local medical facility, the Project aims to implement HIV/AIDS Prevention Program and Maternal and Child Health Program.

A creative approach will be undertaken in conjunction with various technologies of modern science, and a set of scientific evidences for the efficacy of other. similar projects will be made available upon completion.

We anticipate that our current medical and public health programs will expand to other various sectors of international development including education, agriculture, food and nutrition, income generation, and microfinance, and appropriate technology.

Striving for a brighter future of Malawi while. hoping to inspire more people who would dedicate themselves. to the development of Africa and other developing countries.