Emi Nakamura awarded NSF CAREER grant

Professor Emi Nakamura was awarded the NSF CAREER grant, a highly sought-after early career development fellowship intended for those who evidence great potential early on in their careers as scholar-teachers.   

The Intellectual Merit of Professor Nakamura's CAREER proposal focuses on increasing the utility of new data produced by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) by generating new variables for greater salience of key brand/product indicators as well as inter-linking the data so that price dynamics (upstream and downstream) can be observed more readily. "This new linked dataset will make it possible to follow the full chain of price responses resulting from an initial change in upstream costs, through subsequent price adjustments by downstream manufacturers, to any eventual changes in the final retail price, allowing for a broad-based analysis of how firms respond to movements in costs. It will also allow for new analyses of other issues related to price dynamics, including strategic pricing interactions, price dispersion, and hedonic demand models" (taken from Professor Nakamura's NSF CAREER proposal.)