Cognition and Decision News Archive

August 24, 2016

Research from our lab will be featured in five presentations in poster sessions of the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroeconomics, in Berlin on August 28-30. The presentations are: "Individual Outcome Values, In Addition to Uncertainty Reduction, Influence Human Information-Seeking Behavior" (by Silvio and Mike, with Adrien Baranes and Jackie Gottlieb); "Discrete Adjustment to a Changing Environment: An Experimental Study" (by Mel and Mike, with Luminita Stevens); "Risk  Attitude as a Perceptual Distortion" (by Mel, Ziang and Mike); "Evidence for Revealed Similarity in Value-Guided Choice" (by Mel, Silvio, Ziang, Gabriella and Mike); and "Affective Neuroscience Meets Labor Economics: Assessing Non-Cognitive Skills in Late Stage Investment in At-Risk Youth" (by Pablo).

July 13, 2016

Pablo Egana Del Sol presented the paper “Affective Neuroscience meets Labor Economics: Assessing Non-Cognitive skills on Late Stage Investment on at-Risk Youth” at the Duke Institute of Brain Sciences.
Congratulations to Omeed Maghzian, who graduated summa cum laude as part of the Columbia College class of 2016. Omeed also received departmental honors, and the Sanford S. Parker Prize. Next year, Omeed will be working as a Post-Baccalaureate Research Fellow at Harvard under David Laibson. He will primarily work on projects related to identifying genetic variants associated with economic outcomes.
Pietro Ortoleva presented "On Time and Risk" at the Bounded Rationality in Economic Choice conference.
Pietro Ortoleva presented "Deliberately Stochastic" at the Barcelona GSE summer forum.
Mark Dean updated the paper "Satisficing and Stochastic Choice" with Victor Aguiar and Maria Jose Boccardi.
Congratulations to Luis Sanchez, who recieved the Parker Prize for summer research from Columbia University.
Congratulations to Adriano Fernadez, who graduated summa cum laude as part of the Columbia College class of 2016. Adriano also received departmental honors, and the Sanford S. Parker prize. Next year, Adriano will be starting a pre-doctoral fellowship at Edlabs at Harvard, studying economics and education.
Welcome to Zi-Ang Li, who will be joining the lab as a research assistant through the fall. Zi-Ang is a visiting student at Columbia, majoring in Economics at Renmin University of China. He'll be a senior this fall, and his research interests include behavioral economics and macroeconomics.
Felix Mauersberger completed a working paper "Monetary Policy Rules in a Non Rational World: A Macroeconomic Experiment". 
Mike Woodford will be presenting "What does the Brain Economize?" At the Neuroeconomics Satellite Conference in Zurich. 

July 1, 2016

Mike will again be co-organizing the NBER meeting on Behavioral Macroeconomics (with Andrew Caplin of NYU), on July 15 in Cambridge.
Mike will be presenting his work with Ben Hebert on "Rational Inattention with Sequential Information Sampling," as a plenary lecture at the annual meeting of SAET, on July 9 in Rio de Janeiro.
Mike will be presenting his work with Mel and Luminita Stevens on "Discreteness and Delay in Adjustment to a Changing Environment," at the NBER Summer Institute, on July 13 in Cambridge.
Mark will be presenting his work with Nate Neligh "Experimental Tests of Rational Inattention" At the Neuroeconomics Satellite Meeting in Zurich on August 31st
Mark has completed a new paper "Rational Inatttention, Optimal Consideration Sets and Stochastic Choice" with Andrew Caplin and John Leahy
June 29, 2016
Gabriella Nascimento Zacarias was awarded the David B. Truman Award as part of the Columbia College Class of 2016. 
June 10, 2016
Evan Friedman will be presenting "Quantal Response Equilibria with Rational Inattention"  on July 18 at the 27th International Conference on Game Theory.
June 8, 2016
Mark Dean, Pablo Egana del Sol, Mel Win Khaw, and Silvio Ravaioli have all been invited to present at the Society for Neuroeconomics Annual meeting on August 28-30. 
Welcome to Evan Friedman, Han, Huynh, Nate Neligh and Oskar Zorilla, PhD students in the Economics Department at Columbia University, who will be joining the Lab this summer.
June 1, 2016
Congratulations to Silvio Ravaioli, who will be working as a research assistant at the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna over the summer.
Welcome to Luis Sanchez who is joining the lab. Luis is and undergraduate, majoring in economics and psychology. Luis is intending to write undergrad theses in both majors, with Eric Johnson and Elke Weber for Psychology, with Alessandra Casella in Economics

Mark Dean presented "Experimental Tests of Rational Inattention" at the CERGE-EI Conference on Rational Inattention and Related Topics on May 26th. 

Mike Woodford will present "Rational Inattention with Information Sampling" at the Cowles Foundation conference on Information Choice: Perception and Design  on June 6th.

Mark Dean will present "Satisficing and Stochastic Choice" at the Barcelona GSE Summer Forum on Stochastic Choice on June 16th.

Pablo Egana del Sol will present a poster on "Affective neuroscience meets labor economics: Assessing non-cognitive skills on late stage investment on at-risk youth" at the 6th Interdisciplinary Symposium on Decision Neuroscience on June 3rd.

Mark Dean will present "State Dependent Stochastic Choice Data and Rational Inattention" at Decision: Theory, Experiments and Applications 2016 on June 20th