2015-2016 Wueller Teaching Awards

We are happy to announce the 2015-2016 winners and runners-up of the Wueller Teaching Awards: 

Undergraduate Elective
Winner: So Yoon Ahn
Runner up: Jason Wong

First Year Ph.D.
Winner: Sakai Ando
Runner up: Misaki Matsumura

Principles of Economics
Winner: Cameron LaPoint
Runner up: Anh Hong Nguyen

Intermediate Core Class (Micro, Macro and Metrics)
Winner: Teck Yong Tan
Runner up: Yogita Shamdasani

MA Program
Winner: Xingye Wu
Runner up: Xuan Li

Please join us in congratulating the winners and thanking them for their efforts!


The Wueller Teaching Awards are given to the best teaching assistants in each of five categories: 

·         Principles of Economics

·         Intermediate core courses

·         Undergraduate electives

·         Graduate courses

·         MA courses